When you wear Handloom, you wear a story!

Fashion, in India is not just an industry, but a living and thriving eco system. With a network who's roots are deep embedded into millenniums of history, India's fashion is surely a step ahead of global fashion. But clearly, there exists a gap between the art of Indian fashion and the accessibility to young citizens. The load of buyers, do not know where to go. Even if they do, there is very little standard of quality followed. This is where, Trendition comes to help! At our one stop online store, you will get to meet all the elements of Indian fashion: handloom weavers, artists who sketch designs and botiques that give these designs a shape. In this digitised platform, we bring to you the experience of going back to your roots while you try to look your best. Your outfit will travel through the best of artisans, artists and tailors. You will not just wear a unique outfit, but sport a symbol of Indian tradition of slow fashion.